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The footage begins in a grassy field shortly after two insurgents had been spotted creeping up on a remote British outpost in Helmand Province.An Apache was summoned from Camp Bastion to counter their stealth attack, and Sgt Blackman’s patrol was sent out too.The second, Betty Shelby, fired the shot that killed him.Shelby, who has served as an officer in Tulsa since 2011, was placed on paid leave.They found an AK47, spare ammunition and a hand grenade lying by his blood-soaked body in the 50C heat. The rest of the episode including the shooting will not be shown publicly, but the story of what happened next is well known.Sgt Blackman shot the insurgent, famously quoting from Hamlet as he said: ‘Shuffle off this mortal coil.’After Sgt Blackman’s court martial, three judges ruled that the video of the shooting incident should not be made public.Mac Kenzie said the county would investigate whether Crutcher’s civil rights had been violated and if criminal charges should be brought against the officers responsible, assuring that “we will achieve justice in this case.”Danny Williams, the U. attorney for the Northern District of Oklahoma, said the Department of Justice would conduct a separate civil-rights investigation.

The first, Tyler Turnbough, was said to have fired a stun gun at Crutcher.

The dramatic footage comes from a helmet-mounted video camera worn by one of the junior Marines in Sgt Blackman’s patrol.

The video was used to convict Sgt Blackman at his court martial in 2013 but has never been seen by the public, as it was ruled too inflammatory and a potential ‘propaganda gift to terrorists’.

Crutcher can be seen walking away from the cop cars and toward the driver’s side of his car, with his hands raised over his head.

One police officer follows him, her gun pointed at his back.

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