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“It was incredibly romantic, and I loved every moment,” recalls Brighton, who unfortunately couldn’t tell anyone about the date of a lifetime.

“I think that’s the hardest thing — you have this connection, but you’re essentially being paid to only exist [to these men] when they want you.

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“A lot of men just want to have a drink with a beautiful woman,” she says.

“I brought my grandma to the ranch for a visit,” she says, adding that her granny was impressed with the facilities. And it was also hard for her to argue with the money.” When Brighton quit the industry, she says it was all thanks to her clients.

“They were men at the top of their fields in politics, law, business. Even today, they’ll see what I’m doing in my relationship coaching job and call me up to tell me how they were always my biggest fans; they’re so proud of me.” Marcia agrees that the relationship is mutually beneficial.

The rest of the time, you’re supposed to disappear.” Of course, not every client is a catch.

If a guy didn’t strike Brighton’s fancy — whether he had bad hygiene or couldn’t hold a conversation — she’d make an excuse not to see him again, or simply ignore his calls.

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