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ANZ customers were most likely to embrace mobile technology, followed by the CBA, with NAB and Westpac somewhat more reluctant.Mr Shields said public transport may offer the catalyst for mass adoption, noting the UK had adopted an incentive scheme with a free month of travel on the London Underground on offer for mobile wallet users./*** CSS OVERRIDE TABLE OF CONTENTS 001 - General Overrides 002 - SLI PDP Recommendations 003 - Store Finder Fixes 004 - Cart Promo Code Message 005 - SLI Search Mobile Changes 006 - Full Width Navigation Changes 007 - Black Header Changes 008 - Mobile Navigation Overhaul 009 - Desktop and Tablet Header Changes ***/ /*** 001 - GENERAL OVERRRIDES ***/ body.homepage .bx-wrapper body.homepage .inner Header .sub-nav.clearfix .span4 p.sub-nav-left:nth-child(2) body .inner Header .sub-nav.clearfix .span4 p.sub-nav-left:nth-child(2) @media (max-width: 40em) /*** 002 - SLI PDP RECOMMENDATIONS ***/ @import url(' Garamond'); #sli_rec_similar_products a .product Details .inner Header .container, .product Details .global-header-tabs .container .product Details .breadcrumb.unstyled .product Details .container .product Details .product-recs .product Details #product-detail-tabs-container, .product Details .product-detail.row, .product Details .recently-viewed .container .product Details .product-recs .product Details #sli_rec_similar_products .product Details #sli_rec_similar_products .container .product Details #sli_rec_similar_products .container .span12 .line-holder .product Details #sli_rec_similar_products .container .span12 .line-holder .content .product Details #sli_rec_similar_products .container .span12 .line-holder .content h2 .product Details .product-recs h2 .product Details #sli_rec_similar_products .sli_item .product Details #sli_rec_similar_products .sli_item img .product Details #sli_rec_similar_products .sli_item .sli_title .product Details #sli_rec_similar_products .sli_item .sli_price .product Details .full-width-navigation .container @media(max-width:50em) @media(max-width: 25.875em) /*** 003 - STORE FINDER FIXES ***/ .storefinder Page p.sub-nav-left .storefinder Page #sli_autocomplete .sli_ac_image /*** 004 - CART PROMO CODE MESSAGE ***/ Page row-item-content.visible-desktop /*** 005 - SLI SEARCH MOBILE CHANGES ***/ @media(max-width:50em) /*** 006 - FULL WIDTH NAVIGATION CHANGES ***/ @media (min-width:1025px) @media (min-width:801px) @media (max-width:64em) @media (max-width:50em) /*** CENTER LIST ***/ .nav-horizontal .main-nav .nav-horizontal li li.Your travel insurance probably only covers the excess so check the fine print in your travel insurance policy. International renters must have a valid driver's license and a major credit card.At the time of rental, a credit card must be presented with available credit, in the renter's name.Sale:after @media (min-width:801px) @media (max-width:64em) @media (min-width:64.1em) .

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Only 10 per cent of Australians surveyed said they had used a mobile wallet, well behind India and China, where about one-third of respondents were already using the technology.

Australians have the highest use of contactless "tap and go" credit and debit cards in the world, but seem reluctant to take the next step to using mobile phone based "wallets" according to global banking research firm RFi Consulting.

RFi found 59 per cent of Australians had made a purchase with a contactless card, ahead of New Zealand on 53 per cent and Singapore 50 per cent, and well ahead of the likes of the UK at 38 per cent and the US at 16 per cent.

RFi managing director Alan Shields said the lacklustre take-up of mobile wallets in Australia was weird."It is probably because contactless credit and debit cards have been so successful and the incremental benefits are not enough — or been explained well enough — to make the jump," Mr Shields said."You would be lucky if you get the right card from the right bank that connects with the right phone at the moment."Americans were the most likely to embrace mobile payments, with 77 per cent saying they were extremely likely to use the technology.

Mobile wallet technology was also embraced by emerging economies such as the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, China, Brazil and Indonesia with more than half the respondents saying they would use it if it was available.

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