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That’s if he doesn’t sue you, because you know, defamation.

Although it may sometimes feel as though the industry is stuck in the 1960’s and acting out episodes of Mad Men, awareness is being brought to the subject, slowly but surely.

Whatever the case may have been, Tigerlily’s statement after all was said and done, is one to ponder on.

Although we’re well aware of the sexist challenges women face in the spotlight, it goes without saying that it occurs just as much behind the scenes, if not more.

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For the same exact reason that I’m not exposing more names here: retaliation.

Artists like Avicii, Zedd, OVERWERK, Calvin Harris, and Porter Robinson, have been ruling main stages at festivals across the globe, and can bring that extra futuristic swag to your spots.

Here you can set the number of spots in your campaign. Also, for convenience, we regard translations of a spot as the same spot.

With other media options, such as TV and Theatrical, it's the broadcast territory of your campaign that is used.

This option tells us on which territory you will air your campaign. Exclusive licenses grant the licencee the exclusive right to use a track for the full license term, in selected territory, across all sectors.

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