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We certainly don’t agree with the crowd saying, “ADHD doesn’t exist”, “ADHD is just an excuse” or, “The Internet gives everyone ADHD.” We recognize adult ADHD exists, and living with it is hard.

On the other hand, we don’t come down on the side of “ADHD is a debilitating condition”, “Adults with ADHD are disabled” or “if you’re diagnosed with ADHD, give up all hope for a normal life.” We believe there are safe, extremely effective, scientifically proven methods of treating and coping with the effects of ADHD. Educating yourself on your ADHD and how it manifests will help you understand what resources will serve you best.

We’re here to offer you help and most of all, HOPE. ADDA members have free access to amazing resources.

Every page of our Web site is filled with trustworthy, accurate information of value to adults with ADHD.

Not funny “ha ha.” More funny “that’s pretty sad.” ADDA helps adults with ADHD live better lives.

We seek out the latest, most effective, leading edge, research-based and scientifically proven information and resources and we share them with you.

Every year, we run a program of new Webinars, all of which are also recorded and added to the archives. We invite you to discover this amazing source of valuable information for yourself, completely risk free.

Skype and Google Hangouts mean anyone can teach face to face for free, as well as allowing you to share your screen for exercises as well.However, unless you know you have adult ADHD, no one can help.If you do have ADHD, you can rely on ADDA, the world’s only organization dedicated exclusively to helping adults with ADHD.On top of that, for our members, we have an enormous library of articles on virtually every aspect of adult ADHD, all written by ADHD professionals and conforming to ADDA’s standards.Check out the Latest Articles section on our home page to see just how good they are. ADDA’s Webinar program was one of the first offering interviews with and presentations by the leading experts in adult ADHD today, and it is still among the best.

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