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Anecdotal submissions to the Free to Be crowdmap included statements such as: Plan International Australia’s data indicate that Melbourne women have internalised the link between the strip club precinct, the assumption that any woman in the area is “up for sex”, and the normalisation of hyper-masculine violence.To reduce the risk of harassment and assault, more and more women feel forced to modify their movement throughout the city – especially during the night and early mornings.A closer look at these areas, which concentrate in the CBD of older cities and the outer suburbs of younger cities, reveals how entrenched gender inequalities materialise in urban spaces.Most critiques of sexual entertainment precincts, also known as “vice districts”, focus on the rise of crime and the decrease in nearby property values.This is not only limited to Australia – it’s a global issue.UK organisation Object also reported that the presence of strip clubs creates zones where women’s “sense of security and entitlement to public space” are reduced.

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As a result, some feminists suggest the proliferation of urban sex precincts may serve to remind women of their place and “keep them down”.And the more we understand about the influence of “sexual entertainment” districts on society, the harder it becomes to ignore their negative impacts. The egg passes into the fallopian tube where it is ready to be fertilized.In Australia and the UK, the first legal strip clubs opened in the 1990s.Since then, commercial sex has rapidly increased its presence.

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