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This is essential for live streaming because the online service provides the specialized servers and bandwidth needed to broadcast successfully.This process also helps to manage congestion, allowing for large viewership.This blog will take you through the steps of streaming, and teach you how to broadcast live events!What You’ll Need Streaming Service To live stream an event you should have an account with a streaming service platform.With free broadcasting services, they bother your viewers with unwanted and untimely advertisements that disgruntle the viewers.

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A couple ways you can go here, as there are many cameras and other equipment out there.Live streaming events has started becoming the ‘norm’ in today’s technology driven society.Forbes states that “users watch 4 billion hours of online streaming video a month.” The big concert and music festivals have been streaming more and more of their content to build awareness and buzz.Capture Card When live streaming using a camera, a capture card is usually needed to properly convert the video into streamable content.A capture card is purchased and then installed to the computer.

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