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You must be at least AGE LIMIT (your appropriate age limit) years old to attend this show. Shuffling, playlisting and cherry-picking your favourite songs is all well and good, but sometimes you can’t beat sitting down with an album and playing it from start to finish.

An album that sounds like it was recorded in one room, with the same group of people and that perfectly captures a specific moment in time.

Rather than be an album to dip in and out of, it’s an organic whole that from the moment you press play you have to see it out to the final note.“I just like putting out records,” reflect Bugg with characteristic understatement. If you listen to a lot of those classic records throughout each track you can tell that it’s recorded in the same place.

It’s nice to have that consistency.” It seems reports of the album’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

It’s there in the gently strummed mandolin that floats in on Southern Rain, the deft finger picking on the title track, the sighing pedal steel that glides through This Time and the slapback echo and crackling guitar lines that make I Can Burn Alone sound like it could have been cut at Sun Studios.

”Nashville, Billy Ray Cyrus, seasoned session pros…

“It’s like a collage process,” she said of the album.

“It’s very enjoyable to me to take something I love and mold it into something new.” A frequent guest vocalist in the hip-hop, jazz and soul world, Jamila has emerged as a once-in-a-generation voice on her soul-stirring debut.

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