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The contract comes hot on the heels of another deal to market lucrative merchandise of the Canadian teen heart-throb Justin Bieber in Britain.

And last month Party Pieces signed another major deal with leading German internet firm Zanox, part of the Axel Springer publishing empire.

Among other things, the item mocked the Jubilee flotilla, questioned whether the monarchy could survive and — just a tad disrespectfully — described Kate’s new uncle-in-law, the Earl of Wessex, as ‘Edward darling’.

Its author is Tim Atkinson, a former assistant head teacher from Lincolnshire.

Not with patronising It’s A Knockabout attempts at being entertaining — thanks all the same, Edward darling.’ The Royal Family will, of course, be unfazed by such puerile witterings.

But the fact that they appear on a website associated with the Middletons certainly raises questions about how Kate’s family can combine their quasi-royal status with a booming business operation.

Did royal connections — and the royal tie-in with Windsor — help the Middletons’ chances over the deal?

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The slogans in icing on his made-to-order cakes — ‘Boob-licious jiggly jugs’ and ‘A willy that wriggles and gives me the giggles’ — are not the sort of thing you would expect to be served at a Buckingham Palace garden party.The increasingly deep pockets of Kate’s parents Carole and Michael have triumphed in what is called a ‘fierce bidding war’ for a seven-bedroom Berkshire property that is said to be costing the couple £4.7 million.The Georgian pile will offer the Middletons (who apparently consider their current £1.5 million home in the Berkshire village of Bucklebury to be too ‘visible’ to passers-by) unrivalled seclusion and privacy.His blog — called Bringing Up Charlie — describes his life as father to a young son and his status as a full‑time house husband.Then, after poking fun at the pop concert for the Queen outside Buckingham Palace, he concluded: ‘I like it done quietly, with dignity.

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