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For a film about a wild person, the film stays away from lewd scenes.

There are no hard core drugs only marijuana and no smoking is shown – only the after effects (the horny mother inching her husband for sex in the bedroom).

The scene shifts to Stephanie’s dad’s birthday celebration where she is video chatting him when Laird suddenly appears in the background and takes off his pants.

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Laird throws a Christmas party for the Flemings that goes out of control.Simon mentioned the kernel of an idea for a TV series about the old 42nd Street in New York and the birth of the porn industry.About six months later, Franco read , a book about the showrunners of the most recent Golden Age of television — including David Chase, David Simon, David Milch, Vince Gilligan, and Matt Weiner.The film also steals from the Kato and Inspector Clouseau fights in the PINK PANTHER films with Laird’s man-servant, Gustav (Keegan-Michael Key) always laying in wait to fight him. Where the film starts to slack is when it gets emotional with the different relationships (father/boyfriend; father/daughter and boyfriend/girlfriend).The ending 20 minutes drags too long and is a bit of a let down considering the fast pace of the rest of the film.

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