Forget me not a youth devotions on love and dating

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This was something 10 years ago I would've thought only horrible HORRIBLE parents could say. We don't tell them everything that's going on with Landon, just that he has made poor choices and we still need to love him. If you're married, keep your marriage top priority! The enemy will see this as a way to ruin your marriage, and it will if you don't put time and effort into making your marriage strong. Not only did my huband and I need it, but our other children needed it too. I'm honored to work in high school ministry and the number of struggling families I encounter can break your heart. That was actually more encouraging than the last article about normal teens.

Because we are a people who like to blame, so often parents get the side eye: What did you do wrong? So many troubled teens are beloved, they come from good families, they were rocked and read to and cheered for.

I need His love to pour through me to Landon because my human self doesn't feel it. Don't base your relationship with your teen on what he is or isn't doing. All the negativity and negative distractions he will mature his anger will leave his heart and mind and he will become highly motivated to do good and work.

I don't expect a lot of parents to understand how you couldn't feel love for your child. This transformation will be literally overnight Well said!

So many of our teens are physically broken in their minds and hearts, and the magnitude of their hurt completely overwhelms their capacity to overcome on their own, but instead of a chorus of support, their families receive silence or judgment or disappointment which compounds grief and lays a heavy yoke on those who are already suffering.

I want to introduce you to my friend Amy and her son Landon (name changed). May it be an encouragement to weary and heartbroken parents.

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