Five stages of dating relationship

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Each partner sets their own rules and expectations for raising children and how extended family issues should be handled.The challenge here is to be aware of this fact and find a successful compromise in meeting each other's rules and expectations.) Once couples reach this stage they have already experienced some challenges (e.g.medical or money problems) and now other life decisions will have to be made (e.g.Phase 3: The Challenge (Trouble in paradise) A couple doesn't really know how strong a relationship is until they deal with the challenges that life brings.Whether it is starting a new job, unemployment or the unfortunate occurrence of an accident or family illness, we all face challenges in life.

The relationship is not what it was dreamed to be and one or both partners may be increasingly attracted to other people of the opposite sex. This is a time when the relationship is very vulnerable to unfaithfulness.

The three most common negative patterns for individuals to engage in during this stage are: Phase 5: Rebirth (New marriage) It is estimated that only 15% of all couples reach this stage.

At this point, folks have figured out "the real person" they have married.

In working with many couples over the years, I have come to recognize common themes that run through both the successful and difficult relationships.

There are four important factors in a good relationship: 1. Feeling as though your partner has influence over you; 3.

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