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X-Treme X-Men was cancelled, with most of its cast and running plotlines being transferred to Uncanny X-Men.

Evangeline Whedon (a mutant possessing dragon transmorphic abilities) also made numerous appearances.The first 24 issues were drawn by Salvador Larroca, and the final 22 issues were drawn by Igor Kordey.Volume 2 of X-Treme X-Men featured a cast of X-Men characters from alternate dimensions, but led by Dazzler from the main Earth-616 universe. The thirteenth and final issue was released in April 2013.Volume 1 of the series originated as part of a revamp of the X-Men line of comics in 2001.Prior to this revamp, Claremont was writing both of the main X-Men titles (Uncanny X-Men and X-Men, the latter of which became New X-Men, and then X-Men: Legacy).

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