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However, if you are in some kind of group exercise program (crossfit, cycling, group training) you will have an easier time getting to know people because everyone works out together and there is more of a team mentality. ” Coffee shop: “It’s funny how everyone looks like a zombie before they get their coffee” “That looks like an interesting book, do you like it?” Common sticking points: TIP: Most guys either ask way too many questions, or don’t ask any and start rambling about themselves. There is no formula (because then it wouldn’t be natural) but if you find yourself asking too many questions, switch it up and make a statement. Her: I’m a personal trainer at the local gym You: So you like whipping people into shape? When you move from questions to statements, the conversation begins to take on a more natural feel.I’ve included my formula I used to improve my social skills in my free guide, and a few more lines you can use to get started.There is even a bonus of my favorite way to go into a deeper conversation on a date. Mark has spent the last 10 years learning about psychology, self development, and dating.

It’s also important to reflect on what went well, and what to improve on during each conversation.

I was coming back from my awesome bike ride while listening to one of my favorite podcasts (probably either Lewis Howes or Tim Ferriss), and I got off the trail and onto one of the main roads at a stop sign. We continued up a hill and came to the street where my apartment was. How could I have built up something so awesome and lost it all? There was a time in my life where if I was in that situation I would have racked my brain thinking of things to say: It doesn’t have to take you years to figure out all of this small talk stuff and how to be funny. Jerry Seinfeld is easily one of the hardest working comedians of all time.

While I was waiting for the cars to go by, a pretty girl pulled up beside me. The cars had cleared and she began slowly pedaling into the street. “It was a great race, I’m headed over there” as I pointed in the direction of my apartment. ” – This was the first thing she had said the whole time! He meticulously writes and rewrites his material – sometimes taking 2 years to write a single joke!

Just like anyone who becomes great at their craft, you can start with a few tools and a mental framework to help (covered in the free guide) – and then develop it into your own personality over time.

Today we are going to break down a conversation into 2 phases and learn how to get past the common sticking points.

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