Emiley osment dating

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But I also think she sometimes throws caution to the wind a little much, and there has to be a delicate balance.

It makes for a very funny and interesting life, but she gets herself in trouble a lot, and that’s why she needs people like Sofia to help balance her out.

But everyone is sort of in agreement that Gabi just shouldn't know how Josh really feels.

And when she does finally find out -- and she is with Cooper -- she has to make a big decision.

Speaking of Sofia, how will the potential spin-off affect her role on the show? ” What’s happening is, we’re doing an episode where Sofia gets a job working for Logan Rawlings, Ashley Tisdale’s character.

Aimee [Carrero, who plays Sofia] — if she wants to — can go back and forth between that show and won’t be changing at all.

I assume people are nervous about losing the Sofia-Gabi friendship, which is why you’re receiving so many questions about the spin-off.

EMILY OSMENT: I praise Gabi in her wild ambition and wild heart and her constant leaps of faith.

That’s something that you need in a character — you need someone who is adventurous and willing to do anything …

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