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The Sentinel is a massive electric shock tower that should only be used if absolutely necessary.It has a very slow cooldown timer that can be recharged using gems.It’s also worth pointing out that you get a free daily chest. You can buy gems at the shop, but why waste money on a free game?It’d be a bit laborious to map out each individual level, so, instead, here are some strategies to help you make the most of the game.- Replay levels: If you can’t 3-star a level on the first try, remember you can always return to it with more heroes and upgrades at a later date.The early campaign will auto-upgrade some towers for you.Beyond that, you need to go see Rena at her tower upgrades shop.

What makes this game unique, however, is that you can erect and sell towers at will based on what’s ahead.

If lots of Wargs are coming, for example, swap your Magic Tower out for a Cannon Tower.

Typically about 20 enemies can hit your base before the game is over.

Knowing how these towers work together is essential to understanding Speaking of enemies, we’ll also offer a brief walkthrough of the foes you’ll most often encounter in the early campaign.- Gobin: Unarmored and vulnerable to all towers.

It’s your standard grunt.- Orc Raider: Has heavy armor that can be countered with a Magic Tower.- Wargs: Wargs are weak to Cannon Towers and travel in packs.- Orc Berserker: This guy is supposedly weak to everything, but he’s a bullet sponge. He’s slow, so Cannons are pretty effective here as well as Infantry.

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