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Según Uber, la empresa firmó un Las autoridades informaron que ya no aceptará solicitudes de inscripción a un programa especial de refugiados para niños centroamericanos, .

El programa establecido en 2014 por el gobierno del entonces presidente Barack Obama en medio de una ola de arribos de niños que efectuaban un peligroso viaje desde El Salvador, Guatemala y Honduras, huyendo de El presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, llegó hoy a China, donde presionará al gigante asiático en materia de comercio y sobre Corea del Norte durante una visita de dos días en la que alternará los cumplidos y los reproches a la emergente potencia.

El hijo mayor del presidente estadounidense, Donald Trump Jr.

La ley, aprobada por el gobernador Greg Abbott, prohíbe las ciudades santuario en el Estado, exige la colaboración de autoridades locales con agentes de inmigración, brinda a la policía La tímida cantante Sia tuiteó una fotografía de sí misma desnuda luego de enterarse de que alguien estaba tratando de vender fotografías de ella sin ropa tomadas por un paparazzi.

Makhdoom said last night that she had tried to stop Khan from drinking alcohol every night and be a better Muslim, according to the source.

She allegedly fears 'Islamist radicals' would issue a fatwa - an Islamic ruling - against Khan for his un-Islamic behaviour.

Khan, 30, who is worth £23million, initially claimed he and Faryal were getting divorced and accused his American wife of having an affair with heavyweight rival Anthony Joshua The battle between the 30-year-old athlete and Faryal, 26, was played out on Twitter last week, where they attacked each other over accusations of infidelity. I was just so frustrated with everything that's gone on.'He said his head was 'cabbaged' with everything that had happened and he was now returning to Britain from Dubai to sort things out. I'm not one of those type of guys that likes drama and she was really nasty to me.'It comes after the former welterweight champion and his wife Faryal Makhdoom, 26, became embroiled in a sensational public row on Twitter on Friday, during which both were guilty of mudslinging.

Khan, who is currently in Dubai, was later photographed with beauty adviser Gulbahor Becknazar in the back of a taxi and dancing in a nightclub. Faryal's threatening me for me to never see my daughter again.''I don't want to live like this. In the Instagram story which appeared on Ms Becknazar's page @principessa_persiana, Khan is in the back of a car with her and can be heard saying: 'Hey what's up? Just chilling in Dubai.'Ms Becknazar then smiles and replies: 'Chilling in Dubai.'The next scene is being filmed by the beauty adviser, who has appeared in movies and music videos in the Middle East.

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