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The designs, which are pulled on around the leg like a garter or attach to underwear, can be simple and understated design or more eye-catching, adorned with beads and charms.

The chains, which are being sold on e Bay for as little as £1.59, can even be worn over jeans to brighten them up for winter.” Obese woman sues New York paramedic after he ‘tweeted a picture of her with the caption Wide Load’: “An obese wheelchair-bound woman is suing a New York City EMT after he tweeted a photo of her with the caption ‘Wide Load’, it emerged today.

The owners, who have asked not to be named, had no idea what the work of an unremarkable female model was or who it was by until they invited an auctioneer round to value some silver.

Eagle-eyed expert Guy Schwinge spotted the 16ins by 13ins framed drawing at the top of the stairs of the property and suspected it may have been a Rossetti.

‘You can wear them over jeans and leggings for a punk rock edge, or merely go bare and let the metal brush across smooth skin,’ they add.

The chains come in silver and gold hued metallics as well as black and more vibrant colours like red.

Su Qixiu, 38, was found at the bottom of the well in a rural part of central China’s Henan province, the Dahe Daily said.

Teena Gamzon, 65, who suffers from diabetes and other ailments, says fire department EMT Thomas Dluhos secretly photographed her and then splashed it over the Internet.

He tweeted it from his now-defunct Twitter page with the caption: ‘#fatladytweets Look what my husband did to my wheels couch. The suit was filed in Brooklyn state Supreme Court this week and seeks unspecified damages for mental anguish, ridicule and emotional distress. THE NEWS Odd news from around the world Killer ants: “A BOY, 13, died after being attacked by fire ants as he warmed up for the second half of a school football game. ” He then collapsed and died four days in hospital from an apparent allergic reaction to the multiple bites by the fire ants, the New York Post reported.

The drawing, in coloured chalks, will now be sold at auction with a pre-sale estimate of 50,000 pounds.” The £29 DNA dating test that takes a swab of your saliva to find your perfect partner: “Forget scouring through the personal ads or rummaging through your photo files to find a flattering picture to post online.

These days the answer to true love may be just a cheek swab away.

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