Disable peerguardian before updating

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It appears the obtaining a certificate to perform driver signing costs hundreds of dollars per year and not every software developer can afford that kind of money especially when their software is freeware or open source.Fortunately, there are ways to force the unsigned drivers to load in 64-bit (x64) versions of Windows 7, 8 and Vista.

However, every little bit helps, so Peerblock definitely can only help and not hurt, in my opinion.Since you say you're not all that paranoid, I wouldn't worry about it unless your in the downloading realm and dealing with things you haven't paid for but would have to otherwise.PS - Yes, I run Peerblock sometimes The basic reason for using it is to keep computers from collecting information about your system and browsing behavior.In short its not a bad idea to run Peer Block or a similar program. l ZEROl Are you saying that firewalls only protect specific ports and if a port is open then any IP can access your system? Although I used to big on the filesharing scene (emule and Shareaza), those days are behind me.However I still access some stuff without paying and also have other reasons for wanting to stop spying so think this is a move for me.

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