Diablo iii launcher stuck on updating setup files

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About your problem, if you have good download speeds I would just delete current files and start over.IF it happens again , it's most likely a server issue, as in overcrowded.Closing the agent will close the updater/downloader/launcher/patchen curretnly running.But the is only giving problems when you're on the "Updating setup files" part of the download, which comes before than the actual client download. I had the same issue, and solved it doing this: First, open your task manager and close Agent.exe, if it is running.Now i get home and what do you know it, my sister bought me SCII. The Updates begin downloading at a snails pace, 40 mb took like 25 minutes.I'm sleepy as all hell so i just want to install it and go to bed. Then after about 2 hours of updates, it says the same error, but for the update. maybe i just need to download the update, its like 300 plus mb.

We actually try to never close threads unless they are completely out of control, and as for the Open beta, this was littlerally decided a day or two ago.With the running, go and start the Launcher (it works the same for Diablo 3 launcher and Mists of Pandaria Launcher).It will start updating, and will get stuck close to the 65%.If not, delete the C:/Program Data/folder and try again.The folder will be re-downloaded when you restart the launcher.

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