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It makes the relationships exciting, it gives me something to do, puts the spice into life(obviously I needed to get out more) Well that was about 2 years ago when I discovered that having a dramatic romantic life, was really not all it set out to be. To be honest it was one of the first e-book I ever purchased and ever read online EVER! *Having endless conversations with your girlfriends about what is wrong with your date, boyfriend …

All the women I know love drama, heck I used to indulge in it all the time!! Yeh I didn’t want to go down that path and somewhere, somehow I got my hands on this book “Dating without Drama“. *Wanting things to move faster or slower than the current pace.

When we said goodbye he said “talk to you tomorrow”. Isn’t it right to have a flag go up if a guy doesn’t keep his word?

And then the women usually become reactive and take offense that they are not “good enough” to “deserve more” than whatever these guys are capable of giving at the moment so they usually give an ultimatum or walk away hoping these guys will chase them or give them what they want only to find themselves nowhere near ready to pull the plug thanks to the strong attraction and attachment. Everyday in my job this scenario is repeated over and over with different women who are looking for answers on how to deal with this issue.So I was gravitated to him because he was safe and distant because I needed the distance myself to sort my head out and regain and enjoy my independence. He speaks to you clearly of his “intentions” (and all those things you require from a man) with his actions. It’s because he doesn’t want to or he’s not ready for that.You telling him what you think he should do or what you want isn’t going to make him grow more liking toward you or want to come closer to you. If the thousands of women who find me thanks to this junk advice of bringing up the talk are of any indication, it’s really a waste of time and energy to even contemplate doing this. You getting all huffed and puffed because he’s not where you are at the moment even makes you less appealing to him. He likes you, he enjoys your company but he feels like you’re making him an asshole for not wanting what you want exactly when you want it.Doing things I love, spending time with people I cared about and pursuing my passions(dating just happens to be one of them).I also started to choose men which had personalities were interesting enough to keeping me engaged so I didn’t feel the need to create uncertainty and drama.

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