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I am so completely in love with the Write Shop programs and know that she is getting a solid foundation in all she is doing.Her papers have a different twist than Laurianna’s and it is fun seeing her personality come through in the things that she chooses to write about.Teaching Textbooks 7 Obviously not Mc Kenna, but taking pictures of math is so boring otherwise, right?Olaf was a frequent guest in the school room, so it seems appropriate.She wasn’t super thrilled with Little Women, but muddled through that one.Usually she and I sat down weekly to talk about the books she was reading (plot, characters, questions on story progression, etc…).You can see all of the homeschool curriculum choices for the 2014-15 here, but below you’ll get a good look at what we used for Mc Kenna’s sixth grade year and what we will be (or won’t be) using again next year. There were things she loved (the hands-on days) rather than the reading and blah, blah, blah (her words).

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This was also the year that we had a sex and dating talk with Mc Kenna. Let me say this – if you have been dreading it or are scared to death – DO NOT BE!!

That may also explain her feeling like it was too much.

Next year she will be following the right schedule and finishing the second year of the program.

Mc Kenna’s sixth grade year was one of great growth for her, both academically and otherwise.

Many of her subject areas were independent, so learning to manage her time wisely was important (she is doing well in that area).

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