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Look at my future husband: *takes a minute to swoon* He’s dark, right? Posted in Uncategorized and tagged African diaspora, beautiful black women, black music, black power, colourism, fuck Hollywood, india arie skin bleach, Racism, Television in America, White Supremacy Since writing my “Stockholm Syndrome” post on black mental sickness, I thought it was time to do the European counterpart.Since we all agree that blacks are mentally ill due to our introduction and indoctrination into a deviant white society, I’d like to explain White Sickness.The original idea was that projection would allow for reduced anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted unconscious impulses or desires without letting the conscious mind recognize them.believing that it is Africans who needed help and guidance.Their fears are utterly unfounded in reality and at times exaggerated paranoia and it reflects a belief that everyone has it in for them.Symptoms of persecution complex may be seen when the person interacts in normal ways and then over-reacts to perceived wrongs.…

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A nigger is a low-down, dirty, good-for-nothing, shiftless, lazy person.Therefore, Projection becomes a psychological clutch that is used to proclaim innocence, piety and wholesomeness.There is, of course, a tremendous downfall to this disease.Africans who built civilizations, who created math, astronomy and science, taught the European that they know from the importance of bathing, to fishing, to building houses, to farming, to explaining why they should not kill and ingest each other, have proven that they are not niggers. A nigger is someone who: Depends on the hard work of others to grow rich while they sit back and do nothing Is unable to be satisfied no matter what amount of wealth they acquire Cheats, steals, lies, kills and rapes their way to the top Does not understand the basics of huemanity Does not understand the importance of Spirituality Does not have any respect or value for flora and fauna Controls the media with lies Sells guns and drugs to children Embezzles money Spawns children all over the Earth and do not care for them Rapes children in pedophile circuses, including their own Kills animals for sport Drops bombs on certain neighbourhoods due to envy Creates human and animal zoos Flings a newborn baby into the mouth of a hungry alligator Gives a complete stranger their babies to suckle and raise because they cannot do it themselves Practices bestiality Steals resources from other countries Blows up fault lines causing earthquakes Drills for oil and kills innocent animals Practices Necrophilia Practices scatophilia Creates deadly diseases in labs Experiments on humans for pleasure Elects fraudulent politicians Writes laws which contradict morality Creates toxic vaccines Builds private banks to keep the money for themselves Crashes the stock market for their personal gain Privatizes prisons for personal gain Obliterates the constitution of marriage with pornography, homosexuality and feminism Plants drugs at crime scenes Castrates men and women and use their body parts for trophies Poisons the food and water supply with chemicals and metals Has plastic surgery to obtains features they criticize others for having Creates soundwaves to manipulate the weather Creates drones to spy on people Creates drones to drop bombs on other countries Kills their own family members and blames it on others Creates addictive drugs under the guise of helping children concentrate Sterilizes men and women without their consent Walks into other people’s Holy Land and takes it Kidnaps people and steal and eat their body parts Brainwashes people through predictive programming Builds ovens to cook humans Creates a mafia Writes laws that delegates where you will live Writes laws that delegates who much you’ll earn Writes laws that delegates how you’ll be treated Writes laws that delegates where you’ll be educated Segregates neighbourhoods, towns and cities Dumps sewage in your neighbourhood Feels that the holocaust of a indigenous peoples wasn’t “all that bad” Eats their young in ritual sacrificial Satanic ceremonies And intimidates and threatens to kill ANYONE who dares to expose them, including their own kind Now that you’ve seen the true definition of the word, the question is: who does the word best describe?Projection, a mental anomaly, is born out of the desire to escape realism of oneself.

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