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Here is the link to the podcast from Sustainable World Radio.

I’ve been under the weather all week, bed ridden and miserable, and he showed up as a surprise to my house one day to take me to lunch and help me feel better. We’ve been spending a lot of time together, and it’s really dang nice. A lot of emotions went through me when I saw it for myself. Does it mean he’s thinking about me and feeling nostalgic? Does it mean he just liked the picture and wanted to be artsy? After racking my brain for hours and having a good little cry I asked myself: does it even matter? It’s a reminder that getting into a relationship is a serious risk for me emotionally.

This reminds me of the fingerling potato I planted indoors last fall that grew vigorously in search of light, until the cats ate its shoots.

I shall have to try some potatoes again this year."Small scale intensive owner operated enterprises far outproduce corporate farms, government farms, and the smaller the operation, the more productive it tends to be."Well, I'm really small scale but I'm heartened to hear that I don't need to own a farm to grow food for myself and others.

I just finished listening to a podcast on cuba's agriculture and what captured my attention in particular was hearing that there are 20,000 small gardens in the large city of Havanna.

200,000 people now support themselves by growing food within Havanna alone.



The speaker suggests moving "away from grain dominated staples towards tuber dominated staples" in order to produce more food within urban environments.

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