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I didn't know that how much I loved hanging out with my best friend every day was normal but that the sting and pain when she moved onto a new best friend was more than it should have been. I thought naturally I would catch up with the rest. With boys ranking a 3 in how brightly they shine..brightness of a standard lamp. I had always been grossed out by the fact that men are hairy, that physically they look like, well.. I'm sorry guys, but you wanting to do anything 'with' me is like the horror of your best friend of the same gender wanting to put the moves on you. There is a line and it shouldn't be crossed or I freak out. I now know that my admiration of women is exactly what it means to be gay. When I realized I was gay, it was like the world's best and most rewarding epiphany of my entire life.It wasn't the sting of rejection but of sadness that I would miss so much hanging out with her. By the end of 8th grade as we grew older, I found myself feeling that it was very important to express to my parents if/when I had hung out with or even talked to a boy. And with girls ranking an 11 out of 10 in how brightly they shone..the brightness of the sun, on steroids, glitter. It never occurred to me that this equates to being sexually attracted to women just because I don't find the male gender attractive. I even love my best guy friends and I wouldn't mind kissing them when they're sad or when I just feel like "you are the greatest, ever." But there's nothing sexual behind it. I was gleefully happy at figuring out what hadn't felt right and had been difficult and forced and awkward and lonely and so many things, for so long.Best do it right because you only get this one chance at life.I'm so proud of who I am, of being gay, and I realize now that the very idea of not being gay, or being with a guy even if I could stand it, actually makes me sad.

I developed a crush on a boy I rarely talked to and while I crushed on him, I would have been horrified had he expressed wanting to or tried to kiss me. At the very end of 8th grade year, my tight knit group of girl-friends once told me they had wondered if I liked girls. It came up in conversation when we had been wondering if another girl in our group liked girls because she hadn't expressed interest in boys. Freshman year of high school happened and I developed a crush on a guy I went to school with. I wanted to be his girlfriend, I wanted him to love me, I wanted to kiss him because that's what you do. Later that year I developed another crush on a nice guy who I was absolutely not physically attracted to in any way. It never crossed my mind why I didn't find more of them attractive. Understanding why girls were crazy over them was not in my ability, but I didn't give it much thought at all. I came to realize that when it felt that everyone had kept maturing and I hadn't, or that they had kept going and I had yet to catch up, that wasn't the case.

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I'm not one of those "I knew since I was 5 years old" lesbians..I am gay. And even though I'm closeted at the moment, I'm proud of who I am and I'm happy with being gay. I wanted to be straight and normal, like I had expected to be. I'm being grown up with a boyfriend and everything! They were fine to be best friends with, closer than anyone with, but please no...please don't want to date me or do me. There was one guy, count them one, rare bird that I was profoundly emotionally and physically attracted to.

I never in a million years would have thought that for the story of my life, it would be written that I'm gay, and maybe it would have been easier to be straight, but that's how it is. Being gay is happiness, it's love, it's right, it's comfort even, because it's all I've ever known of how I am and all I ever will be.

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