Dating with man from europe

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Louis to bars on Cité, listening to street musicians.

The cultural difference could be boiled down to this: my girlfriend is thankful for what she has, not frustrated she doesn’t have everything.

The message from older generations of feminists isn’t “we strove to break the boundaries so you can be what you want to be” it’s “we strove to break the boundaries so you be what you want to be.”I want to again reiterate that this needed to happen; the social inequality that existed between sexes left to us by the 19th century needed to change.

It’s I think prudent to note that at the same as this is liberating to women, it could also be obligating.

If they are in fact open, we really don't want to know about it.

Perhaps we are witnessing here different ideals of the relations between the sexes rather than two different systems.

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