Dating the quatrain of nostradamus

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First, they propose theories about “devices” Nostradamus supposedly used to obscure or “encode” his prophecies.

They then use their theories to prove their theories. Second, by applying an arsenal of these discovered “devices,” they manipulate his text to fit their desired interpretation.

It is necessary, therefore, to examine the evidence in more detail. The belief that Nostradamus made many accurate predictions rests on the interpretations offered by his enthusiasts.

Since they claim to have discovered specific meaning in his enigmatic prophecies, the burden of proof is on the enthusiasts to demonstrate — using sound principles of interpretation — that specific (unambiguous) meaning exists in Nostradamus’s prophecies.

His few specific or dated prophecies, moreover, have proven to be consistent failures.

This in turn supports the Bible’s claim to be the unique Word of God.

Critics argue that Nostradamus’s prophecies are ambiguous and therefore could refer to many persons, places, or events.

One of Nostradamus’s contemporaries observed: “The style of the [prophecies] is so multiform and nebulous that each may, with a little effort and good will, find in them what he seeks.

Like airy vapors, they assume as they unroll, the figures which the spectator’s imagination lends to them….”Even ardent enthusiasts agree that it is possible to find more than one meaning in Nostradamus’s prophetic verses.

Peter Lemesurier describes them as “a massive verbal jigsaw puzzle.” “Moreover,” he adds, “their language is often obtuse and sometimes positively arcane…result is that a further layer of impenetrability is added to an already chaotic text.” John Hogue admits that “his writing is muddled enough to be taken any way one wishes….

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