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"They're quite alike as neither of them take fame very seriously, though they are both passionate about their careers." Sheridan Smith is reportedly dating Andy Hopkins from The Enemy While the couple are yet to take their romance public, Sheridan tweeted her support to Andy's latest single on Twitter at the beginning of September, writing: "Check out my friends' @theenemyband's new track." The message was also retweeted by Andy.The 34-year-old has been single since ending her relationship with star Greg Wood in July.I felt I could bring something to it." Filming was physically tiring and mentally draining, being two people in the one day, as it were, because both Claudia and Guy were striving to avoid the stereotypes when being their opposite sex.This was the crucial difference in Megan Simpson Huberman's script, after all: unlike most previous body switch love stories, this is a double switch.Sheridan appeared to be heartbroken about the split, tweeting that she had been "hurt by an idiot boy again".

I sort of go in, hit hard and get out of there." But for long term plans, Guy is singularly empty handed: "I always feel I should have a ready answer for that question...I like to just go there for a short time, I don't think I could live there.I go there for two weeks and do 20 auditions...." Hollywood is aggressively competitive, he feels, and he is not keen to join that long, slugging race."And we were generous with each other." So much so, they even corrected each other on occasion, about the intonations of a line, "the biggest no-no for actors," says Claudia. But ultimately, I can't look at it from the point of view of what people may think.Of course, during filming, Guy was acutely aware of the irony of making a film about a relationship in danger as a result of a lack of communication, of understanding the other's point of view. And then there was the Priscilla factor: "My initial reaction was, oh god, they're going to see this and think 'Priscilla... I was also aware of the marketing aspects, the image...ooh, I can't be seen in a dress again, I must go and do something butch.

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