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Some of these early pieces are quite rare and valuable, so proper identification is the key to knowing what you’ve found in that storage unit.

This article will help identify Red Wing stoneware over their 90 some years of production by covering many of these designs and stamps the potters used to mark their wares.

Stoneware crocks were used in the process of lacto-fermentation.

Farmers and cooks alike would place prepared vegetables (like cucumbers or cabbage) in the stoneware crock and put a weighty lid on the mixture.

The cobalt blue colored glaze found on some stoneware crocks is sometimes referred to as Dauphin glaze for its origin in Dauphin County, PA near the state capital of Harrisburg, PA.

Various stylized imagery on stoneware crocks are indicative of makers, artisans, and potters and the designs often impact the value on the antiques market.

Watch me show you how to identify a stoneware crock worth ,000.

For instance, mid 19th Century crocks can command 0 to 00 at auction without a simple cobalt blue design on it.

By contrast, a highly detailed cobalt image found on a stoneware crock can raise the value, depending on maker, of such a collectible well into the ,000 to ,000 range.

The Red Wing Arrives Around 1906, the elephant ear and birch leaf stamps were replaced with the now familiar red wing stamp which was used until the pottery plant closed in 1967.

The early red wing stamps were six inches in length.

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