Dating sites with women who like men with longhair

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A great deal of the physical attributes men find attractive can be related back to health and fertility.

Attributes such as facial symmetry that represents strong immunity to diseases.

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A man will not judge a woman exclusively on her hair, but rather the total package.

Thanks to the World Cup, Men's Fashion Week, and Wimbledon, on top of the never-ending stream of hunkiness coming from Hollywood, there's been a lot of opportunity to man ogle of late.

But yesterday, when we caught a glimpse of one particularly attractive male specimen who dabbles in facial hair, sporting a rather rugged beard (looking at you, Chris Pine), the office erupted in a heated debated.

The site started in 1996 to celebrate and offer support to the rebellious men who dare to let their follicles grow free. The desire to have long hair isn’t a choice, but sometimes it is: Bartlett explains that some men consider long hair to be a “fashion statement,” i.e., men that want to join rock bands or be Fabio, but for others it isn’t a choice. So when the ones who can post pictures and offer advice, they’re given more honor.

““I would say the pillars, the guys we consider supermembers, are especially long. And those with the most amazing length and thickness combined, we give them superstar status,” says Bartlett.

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