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Koob is a social network for book-lovers, for example, while Buump will soon launch to help single mothers connect with each other. Niche dating apps like Grafted Love (for Christians), Dating Ink (for tattoo lovers) and Spex (yes, for people who wear glasses) use M14’s back-end tech.

Kershaw says there are 400 clients in the company’s sales pipeline.

We got Jay Sumra the founder of Plz Say Yes into the office to tell us why he thinks the unusual mixtures of web profiles, virtual dating and real life are a winning combination.

Why Plz Say Yes and Second Life dating is better than normal online dating 1) You get to know people better if you *do* stuff with them.

This is a level at which niche dating apps tend to settle, he says.

With an eye on the future, M14 plans to make its platform automated but is currently more focused on making sure clients have a good experience.

Why Plz Say Yes is better than just virtual romance 1) You know the people you are up for meeting up in real life.

The price isn’t being disclosed but M14’s CEO John Kershaw says the move is all about better understanding exactly how dating services perform in the wild.“Although we’re powering other people’s dating apps, Bristlr (the company’s own dating app that launched the company) is our only real benchmark of what success looks like. gives us double.”For example, Kershaw was interested to discover that Bristlr and Double have similar churn rates.

Don’t be surprised if M14 makes more acquisitions in the future, too.

” - because I thought I was just going to watch Netflix.

Straplines are all around us, to the extent that we mostly don’t think about them.

Some are instantly forgettable, others fall flat on their faces, and just a few are works of genius.

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