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Its characters were brought to life ...― There's a short list of anime movies, OVAs, and TV episodes that you can't watch.

One of Tora Con’s tweets explained the value of having other interests beyond anime and manga. People with otaku-interests, but also some other attractive quality People in groups 2 and 3 are the ones who’re most likely to have romantic success, so if you can, it’s best to give yourself some sort of ‘added value.’ As much as possible, really.So we’d like you to explore non-otaku interests as well.Another tweet of Tora Con re-affirmed liking otaku stuff as a valid pursuit.Indeed, that element never entirely ...― Though it looks simple on the surface, Anime-Gataris is much more than just another slice-of-life comedy about an anime club.This week in anime, Nick and Micchy get into all the little details that make this series so spe... Our guide to this fall's biggest, brightest new manga has you covered!

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