Dating sim demo

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Still, enough people had faith in it to make it a reality.

When it's done I will be sure to post a link to it in the Gallery section of the site. q=sort:time gallery% 3Akingv&qo=1 Really cool demo. :) However, there seems to be a little glitch of some sort when you go on the date with Mouse.The Blood God wants you to hunt down the servants who betrayed him. The game plays with traditional Visual Novel mechanics: you will be given various choices throughout the men’s stories that will earn you different kinds of points. Because the Blood God is the most attractive (and also the first) guy you have ever seen, and also probably because he created you to be loyal to him, you agree without hesitation. The choices will determine whether you kill or date the bachelor whose route you have chosen. You travel to the human world to track down and kill these servants. Blood God is indeed dateable, though only under certain circumstances. They have all (being a bunch of idiots) decided to live in the same area. The guys, being creatures of blood, are too strong to take head on. Most of the money will go toward paying the wonderful writers who are working on this project!

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