Dating seperated men

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She is his wife; they've been separated for almost two years, but she's still a large presence in his life.And always will be, as she is also the mother of his three young children.Fairly light baggage, like a rucksack that slots neatly into the overhead compartment.By comparison, my boyfriend's baggage is closer to what the Kardashian family might take on holiday.

But I do know how it has affected our fledgling relationship. They may have separated a long time ago, but I am definitely dating another woman's husband.

It's no different than being in a relationship and happy all the time.

Singledom has peaks and valleys just like a relationship does.

It was no laughing matter, but I didn't know that yet.

On our first date, and then our second, and our third, we skimmed the surface of our respective relationship histories and hinted at the baggage we both dragged behind us. I co-parent with a man who once loved me, then despised me, and is now what I would tentatively consider a friend.

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