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It should come into force about a month after signing.

That's the standard process under consideration." Though Assad's commitments will offer some encouragement to Washington as talks on the Russian plan continue, the Syrian leader's characteristic defiance in the rest of his interview with Rossiya 24 will give cause to doubt his sincerity.

However, the testing of soil, urine and blood samples from victims, as well as of ammunition collected from the area, have also reportedly supplied strong clues that point to the regime.

"Only the regime had the [chemical weapons] stocks, the [firing] vectors and the interest in doing it, so we can draw a conclusion from that," Laurant Fabius, France's foreign minister, told French radio.

Second, the descriptions tend to be abstract and emphasize statistical properties such as the moments, characteristic functions and cumulative distributions.The Syrian president's comments on Russian state television amounted to his first admission that his country even possessed such weapons, which the West says his regime used in a massacre of 1,400 civilians last month.Assad said he would sign the Chemical Weapons Convention and begin handing over details of Syria's stockpile a month later, in line with a Russian proposal designed to avert a punitive US bombing campaign.Syria's deputy prime minister also suggested yesterday that the Russian proposal would only succeed if the United States and its allies pledged not to attack Syria in the future."We want a pledge that neither it [the US] nor anyone else will launch an aggression against Syria," said Qadri Jamil.

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