Dating royal doulton stoneware

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Doulton created a gravity fed stoneware filter that combined the technology of a ceramic filter with the artistry of a hand crafted pottery water container.

By 1846, the Lambeth factory was in the vanguard of the revolution in sanitation technology and products which Chadwick, and the great reformers of the day, brought to metropolitan England.

His son, Henry Doulton, took over the running of the Lambeth pottery and was knighted for his services to the ceramic industry by Queen Victoria in 1887.

From the early 1870s, talented artists were engaged by Sir Henry to decorate an extensive variety of art pottery, including vases and figurines.

The company's impressive history is dotted with the names of Queen Victoria, Louis Pasteur, and King Edward VII.

Sir Henry was knighted for his services to the ceramic industry and continuing royal patronage from Queen Victoria and King Edward VII led to the title Royal Doulton in 1901.

Influenced by the unrelenting progress of the Industrial Revolution, Doulton placed equal emphasis on industrial applications for ceramic technology.

It was John Doulton's son, Henry, however, who carried that tradition of the Lambeth pottery to its zenith.

In 1901, King Edward VII knighted Henry Doulton and in 1902 King Edward VII conferred the double honor of the royal warrant and the specific - as opposed to the assumed - right to use the title "Royal" for his work on drinking water filtration.

This Royal Warrant authorized the company to use the word ROYAL in reference to its products.

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