Dating phycho

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Collected data on both present mentality and aggregated personality data is used to gauge the probability of that citizen committing a crime, the rating referred to as that citizen's Psycho-Pass.Authorities are alerted whenever excessive ratings are detected, and officers of the Public Safety Bureau are dispatched with weapons called "Dominators", energy pistols that modulate their power in response to the target's Psycho Pass. And when we’re one-half of a couple, we have different personalities, too.Some still insist on being independent, some are needier than others, and some are just downright insane.And she certainly does so, in small but important ways. She wants to know what you’re doing every minute of the day – even when you’re at the office and she’s at her.She’ll ring or text you constantly, and ask stupid questions like: “What did you have for lunch?These crazy chicks are also known as psycho b*tches.

A psycho chick places a huge amount of importance on such days and will make sure you do, too, whether you like it or not.

And God forbid you have the cheek to have female friends! A psycho b*tch will look through your phone and e-mail, trawl through your social media accounts and even go through your wallet for “suspicious” receipts, in more serious cases.

Your crazy chick will want to know how long you’ve known her, how close you are, if you think she’s attractive, if anything has ever happened between the two of you… There’s no explanation for this behaviour; she just has to know what you’re doing, who you’re talking to and what you’re saying. Make sure you always remember her birthday, your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, her pet dog’s birthday, the anniversary of the day you first kissed, and other less-important-to-you-but-very-important-to-her occasions.

Her name, age, photo, county and profiles on Facebook and Linked In were all included on the Dating page, along with a post slamming her as a liar and a stalker.

The woman, who filed her lawsuit anonymously, has “virtually removed herself entirely from social media,” is undergoing counseling and fears for her safety, according to court papers.

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