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Eventually, the remnants of these tribes merged with the Creek Indians who had arrived from the north and became the Seminole Indian tribe.Florida became a state in 1845, and Polk County was established in 1861.The Florida boom resulted in the construction of many significant structures in Lakeland, a number of which are today listed on the National Register of Historic Places.This list includes the Terrace Hotel, New Florida Hotel (Regency Tower, currently Lake Mirror Tower), Polk Theatre, Frances Langford Promenade, Polk Museum of Art (not a product of the 1920s boom), Park Trammell Building (formerly the Lakeland Public Library and today the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce), and others.Between 19, more than 8,000 Army Air Corps and Army Air Forces cadets trained on two-seater Stearman PT-17 and PT-13 biplanes at the school (renamed the Lodwick School of Aeronautics in the midst of this period).) (10.90%) is covered by water.

Little is left of these first Native Americans cultures in Polk County except for scant archaeological records, including a few personal artifacts and shell mounds.As the ice melted and sea levels rose, these Native Americans ended up staying and thrived on the peninsula for thousands of years.By the time the first Spanish conquistadors arrived, more than 250,000 Native Americans were living on the peninsula. Census Bureau estimate, the city had a population of 100,710.Native Americans began to live in the area 12,000 years ago.

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