Dating old spice bottles

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1938, then finally the Old Spice for men in the distinctive buoy-shaped bottle came on the market.The trademark symbol of Old Spice has always been a blue sailboat on a white glass bottle, and a red cardboard packaging.Being the Queen of Purge, I assured myself that I could not possibly have out-of-date spices. I even had dreadfully-old-you-should-be-ashamed spices. This type of rectangle tin from Mc Cormick, except for black pepper, is over 15 years old. It is so old it pre-dates my interest in gardening! Choose the smallest available spice amount sold so that you can use it up before it expires. Keep the marker in the spice cabinet to mark new purchases.If your Mc Cormick glass jar label reads “Baltimore, Maryland,” then the jar is over 15 years old. I did not even know I owned something named Dalmatian Sage Leaves. I love to garden and keep herb containers out-of-doors. Remove any Mc Cormick rectangle metal tins, except black pepper. Remove any Mc Cormick bottles that read “Baltimore, Maryland.” Those are at least 15 years old. When replacing spices, you should buy the very tiniest of containers available.2010 was for Old Spice launched the most successful viral video ad campaign of all time: within 24 hours, the clips were viewed 6.7 million times, 12 hours later, the viewer numbers rose to over 23 million.Von Miller, the Denver Broncos linebacker who first appeared in Old Spice's ads a year ago, is back again at the start of the NFL season with a couple of new spots for the brand.

The first Old Spice product actually aimed at the female clientele, and was introduced in 1937 under the name "Early American Old Spice".

Rectangle Metal Canisters: If you have a Mc Cormick rectangle metal canister, that is ANY spice except black pepper, then it is at least 15 years old, according the Mc Cormick ad. My true confession is that it is a meringue ingredient, something I have never mastered to my satisfaction, thus the reason behind my ignoring the aging canister of Cream of Tartar. Examine bottoms of cans and bottles for sell-by dates and use-by dates. If it is past the sell-by date, out it goes if it is over a year old. Unless it is something you use daily, like salt and black pepper, then you might not use it up while it is fresh and flavorful.

Glass Bottles: If you have a glass bottle of Mc Cormick spices and it says “Baltimore, Maryland,” then it is at least 15 years old. Next month, this organizing column will look at ways to organize those spices you do wish to keep.

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