Dating models hong kong eliza dushku and rick fox dating

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People working for the app choose the location for your date, which is great if you don't like making decisions but not so good if you like to control these things.They also require you to prepay for the first round of drinks, the idea being that it helps ensure everybody shows up.Verdict: As it's brand new to Hong Kong, it has yet to gain the kind of traction it has in the West.

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Its popularity has exploded, and today it has even started to eclipse Grindr.

Instead of matching people one by one, it puts two groups of three in touch for a group date.

It asks for more personal information (job, height, race, religion) than other apps such as Tinder.

The 24-hour time limit is good motivation for people who tend to second-guess when it comes to matters of the heart.

One user we spoke to did complain that it depends too heavily on determining your type: "After a few days if you're only connecting with Asian girls, that's all you start seeing." For years the two kings of online dating have been Tinder for heterosexual dating and Grindr for gay dating and hook-ups.

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