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Paying for tickets using your credit card offers protection under the Consumer Credit Act if you are scammed.

Checking online may also provide details of any negative reviews of the website you intend to use.

But how do you know it is actually the person you are communicating online with? A scammer will make conversation more personal to draw information from you, but will never really tell you much about themselves that can be checked or verified.

They will normally try to steer you away from communicating on a legitimate dating website that could be monitored by staff.

Holiday fraud is on the increase as holidaymakers use holiday booking websites more and more.

Scammers will list a hotel room or accommodation that is not available or does not exist.

This is a ploy to get you not to tell your family and friends who will see the scam for exactly what it is. A scammer may ask you to accept money from them into your own bank account.

Most dating websites and chatrooms operate legitimately in the UK, but fraudsters have been known to use them to elicit money from people.

Dating and romance scammers lower their target’s defences by first building an online relationship, then asking for increasingly large sums of money.

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