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The area, originally one of the centers of the sugar cane refineries, was beginning to grow from the new tourist industry.A number of these families would get together in individual homes to celebrate some holidays, and an occasional Shabbat, with festive meals.Early History of the Jewish Community of Maui There are no records of when the first Jews came to Maui (pronounced m OWee).It is realistic to assume that some arrived as traders in the 19th century, about the same time as did others who came to Honolulu.

This flourished and led to the founding in 1938 by about 35 families of the Honolulu Jewish Community.Tourism, one of the major industries in the Hawaiian Islands, thrives on such images.What most people will miss, especially the many Jews from the mainland of the USA who travel there for vacations or conventions, (almost 2400 miles, 3800 kilometers from the west coast,) is that on three of Hawaii’s more densely populated islands, Oahu, Maui and Hawaii (also called “the Big Island”) are viable Jewish communities.Maui was also a major military base during World War II.There were Jewish service men and women that attended services with military chaplains.

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