Dating cpap

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So I recently underwent an overnight sleep study where the hopital observed me to check if I have sleep apnea. College was a battle- I got mostly B's, a smattering of A's, and several C's when I knew I should be getting A's. I should not have this at least that's what the doc said 15 yrs or so ago when i went in for and apt. Now I have to wear this fuckinggg mask and be hooked up to a machine. I've tried pillow cushions (2 types) and nasal masks (2 types), but to no avail. I hate it because it feels like I am attached to a dork machine, but I realize it is a medical device that I need to keep me breathing when I sleep.

I was supposed to sleep from 10pm untill 6am, but at 4am the nurse said they had all the data that was necessary. My friends never understood why I needed so much sleep. The shame of it is, I am so TIRED all the time, but just can... I was given a CPap machine and tried to use it for a year. 1 week after my sleep study someone from the hospital called me with some urgency in his voice. So I understand that you don't need a prescription for mask parts so I might just buy it in two pieces. I have thought about having surgery, but I have heard the results are...

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A simple sleep apnea treatment that you could simply carry with you, put in, and take out without worrying that your partner will be weirded out and dump you right on the spot? And you can easily carry it with you on any date where you might not be sleeping at home.

but I am only aware of it because my wife has told be I stop breathing for several minutes at a time during the night.

I always start breathing again however and it has not caused me any problems.

Remind yourself the reason you started CPAP therapy was to improve your health and your life.

The next step is to choose an appropriate time to bring it up.

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