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Our instructor will guide you step by step through the evening's project. Come, share good company, and foster your inner artist!Theo Art School will provide all supplies (though you are welcome to bring your own)Bring your favorite bottle of wine or drink *alcohol will be provided by the participants (NOT by TAS staff) What you get: A 16in x 20in canvas plus all the other supplies required for the project.

Note: Please make sure that the application form is completed as much as possible.At one point, the story goes, the guys started chanting, “Theo! And there you have it: classic Theo Epstein, a man with a serious commitment to true romance, privacy, and priorities.When he came back to his hometown four years ago to work for the Red Sox, and soon after became, at 28, the youngest general manager in the history of the game, the gossip columns swooned.Some I have chosen of peculiar grace Elect above the rest; so is my will: The rest shall hear me call, and oft be warnd Thir sinful state, and to appease betimes Th' incensed Deitie, while offerd grace Invites; for I will cleer thir senses dark, What may suffice, and soft'n stonie hearts To pray, repent, and bring obedience to us, but it was not likely that our captain's shipmates, above all the two specimens seen by me, Black Dog and the blind beggar, would be inclined to give up their booty in payment of the dead man's debts. Please read below and check out the upcoming dates FOR OPEN SESSIONS! at Theo Art School is an evening of fun that's great for a date night, girl's night, or just a friend's night out! Participants will create a new art piece on each and every session.

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