Dating boyfriend for 10 months date dating first teenage tip

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Whatever may have been true for a young version of me many years ago, for the person I am now, sex is something you do with someone you know well. I don't know how long I could wait if there was never anything past kissing, but if we're doing other preliminaries and making regular progress, I'd be willing to wait longer.

The idea of getting naked in front of someone I'd spent only a few hours with is simply . Three to five weeks is more like my preference, though.

6 months would probably be the minimum amount of time I'd need to get to know a guy before getting into bed. If you're a bad judge of character and you need a little more time than most to determine whether or not someone is a douchecanoe - why is admitting it and adjusting to it a bad thing? Or at least that's the vibe I get from other on-topic threads. It has nothing to do with proving anything to anyone or past partner choices (huh? Like Manda Jo says, it isn't a judgmental thing because plenty of my friends will do the first or second date sex and I certainly don't think any less of them for it.You can mention that stuff if you want, but I for one don't intend to insist. I mean how long is too long from the individual poster's point of view.Also, I reported my OP to the mods because I put "committed" in the subject line when I meant "dating" and was unable to change it.If we've been dating a month and haven't had sex i would assume something is obviously wrong or that she is simply not interested in me in that way and move on. But I agree with several previous posters in that it shouldn't take more than 2-4 "dates" max to figure out if you're going to end up banging - you'll probably be able to figure it out in the first 15 minutes half the time.If the answer is "no," call it for what it is, say "let's be friends," move on.

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