Dating anniversary gift rules

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It was perfect for us because I’ve always drawn us as stick figure characters in little notes and stuff. I have Marking this book was so much fun and very easy!

I am giving it to my boyfriend as our two year anniversary gift.

I actually had fun creating the pages based off of the characters and such that was suggested.

I was able to personalize some of the "picture situations" so that he will know I really took the time to make the pages specifically about us.

I figured he would see daddy open up such a fun book at Christmas, and would secretly want one about him too. My wife loved this as her first anniversary gift to the point she cried while reading it.

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This idea really hit home for me because 10 years ago I use to write him love letters and doodle us as My husband and I usually get our anniversary gifts according to the year.

I have told friends and colleagues This was an anniversary gift to my husband of 17 years. It was very personal and thoughtful, I could tell he was truly touched, almost brought to tears.

Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a I saw an ad for love book and figured I'd check it out as an anniversary gift for my girlfriend. It was so wonderful to write our love story in a book.

This was perfect since the way we met was extremely weird and there were so many coincidences and it’s I ordered a love book for my husband as my first wedding anniversary gift to him.

Since I wanted to give a traditional wedding gift, I was looking for a personalized book and found love book online.

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