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The local operating company did not provide this service.This opened up opportunities for private Answering Service businesses.These services forwarded out-of-hours calls to a private answering company.In 1955, a specially designed answering service switchboard, called the 557, was developed.Make a mandrill from wood or metal, gently warm with a hot air paint stripper and when it begins to smell push it through.

Answer: To save precious metal in the time of need we were close to or at war even just after.

All models have no internal components except for switch hooks and the phone requires the correct Bellset to work properly (see above). Reproductions of this telephone, made in some cases from the original tooling, are common and in Australia all piece parts are available separately.

In Australia they are designated Types 38AT (automatic), 38MT (magneto) and 38CBT (central battery).

The number 2 is crossed out and a number 150 stamped nearby on the top of the microphone swivel posts. Click here for the circuit diagram - Web users - CD users Click here for pictures of a Candlestick before refurbishment Click here on Candlestick construction and how to dismantle the phone How to convert to Plug and Socket Collectors Information - what to look for Additional Information This pillar-type telephone for central battery operation is the one familiar to nearly all collectors as the classic ‘candlestick’ telephone.

Question and answers on Candlesticks Question: Should the Bakelite earpiece cap have a notch moulded on to the face and why is it there on some and not others?

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