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I would be married to JS whatever the legalities of the situation were.I would wear my rings and even if hell froze over and I met someone else, I would NEVER EVER take my rings off. And yet now, ten months after that session, I wonder if Doktor R had a point about safety and status.I walked out with the same style of ring as my grandmother and mother wore, a diamond solitaire, possibly the most traditional and engagement-like ring you could choose.I’ve never pretended that my mind works in a rational way. I know women who say that their ring has never been off their finger since their wedding day, but because of bouts of contact dermatitis, my nuptial bling has been on and off like a new bride’s nightie.I thought that the stern German waiter was going to boot us out.I expect that the chef gobbed on our food as revenge. At some point in this “I want an emerald-cut one-carat diamond with yellow baguette diamond shoulders in a platinum rub over setting yadda yadda yadda,” I asked American Woman what her boyfriend did for a living. She knew what engagement ring she wanted, even what style of dress would suit her (and probably whether to have chicken or fish at the reception).Saying that he might just like wearing it on that finger xx In my's cause it's the only finger the ring fits on lol. But I'm the same, I wear rings on nearly every finger, both ring fingers included and that's just cause it's where they fit!My ex used to wear one on his ring finger when we were together as a promise ring, but he found when he was out socialising In certain places he was able to attract women easily when he wore a "wedding ring" so when we split and I asked why he was still wearing it he decided to go into great detail about how it makes it so easy for him to pull women.

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Bored of pressing the flesh of manufacturers, American Woman asked to visit one of the jewellery halls.Doktor R suggested that some widows hold onto the idea of being married to their late husbands (even though the stark fact is that they aren’t married any longer) because it gives them status in society, their rings a symbol that they had been desired enough to be someone’s wife and a safety net against being single in a challenging couple-dominated world. Marriage to me meant more than a ring on my finger or the prefix Mrs. It meant looking out for each other, looking after each other, supporting each other. A little while ago I was in a hairdressers in north London. I’d been walking The Hound and was out sans slap, hair piled up and in my old Puffa coat; in other words, I looked a middle-aged minger. And then I found myself doing the once unthinkable.I found myself waiting at the till behind a couple of over-groomed snotty Yummy Mummies with big rocks. Because of the Death Diet, my rings are looser than they were, so my solitaire often faces my palm.Our business involved fake fur and plastic rather than diamonds, but who was I to argue with a client?As I trailed after her, American Woman drooled over the brightly lit displays of sparkling engagement rings, pointing out what sort of finger-bauble she was going to choose when she got engaged.

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