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Chance and his husband are in a rut in their own marriage.The ho' of the group doesn't disappoint with his ho-dom.The film based on the LOGO TV series finds the characters' relationships cracking under pressure during a weekend wedding getaway in Martha's Vineyard. Based on the popular television series, Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom is a feature film that continues the narrative thread of the second series, with all the luscious drama that one would expect.In this, Noah Nichols (Darryl Stephens) and his ARC: Alex Kirby (Rodney Chester), Ricky Davis (Christian Vincent), and Chance Counter (Douglas Spearman), retreat to Martha’s Vineyard for Noah’s intimate marriage to Wade Robinson (Jensen Atwood)."Jumping" has all the warmth, humor, and love that the series had, just in a slightly different format and location.Noah and Wade have evidently reconciled (since the series abruptly ended) and they and the boys have assembled (minus a couple characters) on Martha's Vineyard at Wade's family vacation home (an ocean-side mansion, of course) to celebrate their wedding.

Jumping the Broom has all the verve of the series, so if you are already a fan, this romantic tale will not disappoint.

While Alex’s hubby, Trey (Gregory Kieth), video chats from home to babysit their newly adopted Ethiopian child, Chance brings his husband, Eddie (Jonathan Julian), and Ricky is accompanied by the 19-year old Brandon (Gary Leroi Gray) for some lighthearted fling-dating.

But as the four couples hole up and attend separate bachelor parties, each relationship begins to unravel.

And truthfully, I don't even find him that good-looking.

What really took the cake for me is the discussion with Chance's husband and his student about masculinity and femininity during the bachelor party.

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