Crystalens accommodating iol

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THE PENDING Tetraflex (Lenstec) is a mechanical accommodating IOL with a single, square-edged, acrylic optic that flexes to provide accommodation. The Tek-Clear IOL (Tekia) is another square-edged, single-optic mechanical accommodating IOL that moves in response to natural movement of the ciliary muscle.It received a CE mark in 2006, but is not yet FDA-approved.

In clinical studies, Crystalens and Trulign have been shown to provide about 1 diopter of accommodation.

Moreover, use of these IOLs has grown only 6% per year since 2010. New presbyopia-correcting IOLs, including accommodating and toric accommodating designs, are being developed with an eye toward expanding the stunted market.

forecasts nearly 11% growth in presbyopia-correcting IOLs through the end of 2016 as new options become available. Presbyopia correction can be approached in a number of ways.

Accommodation occurs by means of a liquid crystal optic that changes power in response to an electronic signal.

The lens contains a rechargeable battery and changes focus based on physiological triggers.

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